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We offer Body Sculpting; Ultra-Lipo Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening! 


Dear JAVA Tanning Studio Guests,  

It is with a very heavy heart that we must post this today (May 15, 2020)

We had been working with our Brant County Health Department with respect to reopening our salon.  We put in place all the requirements necessary to reopen.

After Doug Ford's announcement yesterday, we were given the GREEN LIGHT by the Brant County Health Department to reopen our salon effective Tuesday May 19, 2020 (because we had everything in place to safely open).

Unfortunately, the Brant County Health Department called us this afternoon to announce to us that they were mistaken and that we CAN NOT be allowed to open on Tuesday!!!  He also said that he doesn't understand why as he felt all was perfectly put in place to safely open but his hands are tied (this new message came to him from a higher office).  Apparently, we will only be allowed to reopen along with hair salons, tattoo parlours and massage services.  

We must turn off our bookings and re-schedule everyone who have made appointments for a further date. 

It is unfair to have been told yes one day and no the very next day!

Please contact your MPP to make our voices heard.


  • The reception desk has  been equipped with a shield as you've been seeing in all the stores.  The staff will be wearing masks and gloves as well.  Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk.  (In the event that a point of sale must be made, you will be asked to use hand sanitizer before touching the POS unit). 
  • We will be working the salon BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Due to COVID restrictions will be NOT be accepting any WALK-IN CLIENTS (for the time being)
  • In order to maintain the integrity of the bookings, all appointments must be pre-paid (either online or an active account in salon).  No show appointments will result in loss of session.  Visit our Online Appointment section: (single session pricing will be reduced for a limited time and this price break will be reflected on the booking button).  This means all Cappuccino, Cioccolata and Mokka sessions will be $7.25 and our famous ESPRESSO HP NO BURN unit is only $15.00! This offer is only valid for online appointments and will NOT be offered to clients booking in salon.  You will be allowed to  schedule only ONE session per transaction but can pre-pay and book your sessions up to 30 days in advance.
  • We will be accepting PHONE IN appointments for those who have packages already on the books. If you don't have an active package when you call in for your appointment, you will be directed  to the website to book your appointment online.  (Our goal is to have the least amount of contact at the front desk).  
  • Appointments are scheduled on the hour and the half hour only.  This will give us ample time to sanitize/disinfect the room and floors and allow the floors time to dry between each and every guest.   When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please remain in your vehicle until you are asked to come in.  
  • Bathrooms will be for EMERGENCY USE ONY!  
  • We ask that you wear a mask when entering the salon.  
  • If you normally do not wear socks - please bring slippers or socks as you will still be required to remove your outer footwear at the door!
  • DO NOT bring your children with you to the salon as our waiting area will be off limits and we will be limited to the amount of people allowed inside.
  • Since you will have a scheduled appointment, you will go directly to your room to "Self Isolate"  and enjoy some peace and quiet
  • Upon completion of your session we ask that you deposit your used towel directly in the basket by the front desk 
  • You can then re-schedule your next appointment with reception  before leaving or book your next appointment online
  • BODY CONTOURING: Will NOT be offered until restrictions are lifted as this is a hands-on service that falls in the category of personal services (until hair salons and massage therapists are allowed to re-open)


As you are already aware, the salon has always been kept impeccably clean!  The reason is due to Claudine's compromised immune system and thus she is a huge germaphobe! 

You can rest assured that we use hospital grade disinfectants on all of our equipment after every client use.  We have been doing this “PRE-COVID” since the inception of the salon!!!  We have always disinfected door knobs and room doors as well as the seat you use in the tanning room, our bathroom and everything anyone would touch is disinfected after every use including light switches!  COVID-19 really has not changed much in the way we sanitize / disinfect our salon after every client with the exception of the floors and the POS unit which will now be disinfected after EVERY USE rather than just throughout the day!  

We have always asked that you remove your shoes at the front door (this is so that dirt from the outside world is not tracked into the tanning salon and tanning rooms).  We will continue to ask that you remove outside footwear upon entering but...if you normally do not wear socks in your shoes...or when warmer weather comes flip flops / sandals...please bring slippers or socks to put on at the front door before proceeding to your room.

We miss our JAVA Family and look forward to seeing you all again !  

All the best, Stay Safe

Jim & Claudine (Owners)

JAVA Tanning Studio

71 Charing Cross St 

Brantford, ON

N3R 2H4

Ph: 519-304-TANS (8267)


About Us


Not all tanning beds or salons are created equal!

Not all tanning beds or salons are created equal!

Not all tanning beds or salons are created equal!

At JAVA Tanning Studio, we are committed to offering the very best salon experience.  

We have equipped the salon with PREMIUM tanning equipment containing the highest-quality tanning lamps available in today's market.

In addition, we replace our lamps twice as often as the manufacturer's recommendations.  Why is this important to you?  YOU get the very best results in the quickest amount of time possible.  You are always guaranteed to be getting into a unit with the freshest bulbs possible - all at an affordable price!  

We offer skincare products that comprise of cutting-edge ingredients designed to maximize melanin production to achieve a healthy looking, glowing skin.

We are committed to bringing the very best experience in tanning in Brantford and surrounding areas and look forward to meeting you. 


Our Team

Not all tanning beds or salons are created equal!

Not all tanning beds or salons are created equal!

The salon staff "Smart Tan Certified" .  This assures you that every team member you meet will offer you the very best advice in building a perfect skincare regimen to fit your tanning goals.  

Our team is also "Lucasol Safe Space Certified".  This guarantees to you that the equipment and the room you are about to use has been thoroughly sanitized.

The salon also offers body sculpting/contouring, cellulite reduction and skin tightening services.  

 Have questions?  Drop in to visit the team, we will are always happy to talk with you about your concerns and advise you in person.


Equipment Lineup

Not all tanning beds or salons are created equal!

Equipment Lineup

We offer several different levels of UVA/UVB lay-down tanning beds as well as stand-up tanning booths.

Our busiest unit is the Espresso HP - this is a UVA stand up booth that will take you from zero to tan in less than 5 sessions with absolutely NO BURN!  This beauty was imported from Italy and, to date,  JAVA Tanning Studio is THE ONLY SALON IN CANADA to offer this outstanding no-burn technology!  We are confident once you try it you'll be hooked.  Look for more info in our Equipment Lineup section.

We also offer Body Contouring/Sculpting.  This is Ultra-Lipo Cavitation / RF Skin Tightening - no needles, no surgery, no downtime - simply results1  This is a process that is done in a series of sessions (usually 8 - 12 sessions.  To be honest, results can be seen after a few sessions but BEST RESULTS are seen after your body has had time to process - usually a few months after treatments are completed.  

Contact Us

Better yet, visit us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours  & help yourself to a complimentary cup of coffee.  

Feel free to come in, ask questions, tour the salon and meet our amazing friendly staff!

JAVA Tanning Studio & Contempo Spa

71 Charing Cross St, Unit 2, Brantford, ON N3R 2H4, CA

(519) 304-8267


Open today

10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Due to COVID-19 re-opening rules - we are accepting APPOINTMENTS only.  Please call the salon at 519-304-8267 or visit our online appointment page.   If you are a new client - download and complete the Skin Typing Form and return it to the salon when you come for your first appointment.

Help Our Cause

Everyone donates toys for children (mostly under the age of 10) during the Christmas Season.  

We want ALL our youth to feel included so...we have been accepting donations in our salon and through our gumball machine in the salon (proceeds from this machine go to  buy mountain bikes for youth aged 12 - 18).  

We have been donating these bikes to the Knights of Columbus (Waterloo branch) through the "Stuff a Cruiser Campaign" offered by the WRPS for over 12 years now.  

We feel that it is at this age that our youth need to feel included rather than forgotten.  These bikes offer them some much appreciated inclusion and independance!

  Our mission is to reach as many youth as possible.  

Last year we were able to donate 20 bikes thanks to our amazing client support and extremely sucessful gumball promotion!   

Your support and contributions will enable us to continue to reach MORE youth and perhaps exceed our goals this year.  

Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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