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Our clients absolutely love us! See what they are saying about us...

We love our clients and they love us back!  See what our salon guests are saying about their experience at JAVA Tanning Studio below.  If you want to view more or, to POST YOUR OWN RAVING REVIEW, click the link below. 

Sunshyne G

I have been tanning here since biggest complaint is that my tan gets too dark!! The beds are cleaned and maintained meticulously...bulbs are replaced frequently before they are even at 1/2 the life expectancy!! Lotion selection is ever changing...newest products available at all different price points... after trying the new Espresso stand up all I can say is WOW...WOW..WOW..Nothing like it anywhere...full sessions for everyone ...even those who don't tan!! Highly recommended!!! Give them a try!!! (Google review)


Excellent environment & amazing staff.  Best tanning salon by far in Brantford or anywhere!  They even have the latest Saturn standup bed...state of the art technology.  Highly recommended.  (Google review)

Sam T

My friend and I started tanning here about a week ago. We researched prices on google before going and decided this was the one that appealed to us best. It is close to our homes and prices are pretty good. Everyone is nice and the location is wonderful. We have used 3 different beds so far. All are nice, but I think my favourite so far is the Cioccolata! 

Highly recommend this tanning salon and their beds.

Stephan R

 As someone who has been to many tanning places i really love this hidden gem. The waits are never long ,the staff is super friendly,  the owners are very knowledgeable , and know all about their products and which to recommend for what your looking for.  i was recommended by a friend, since ive recomended it to everyone i know!  They have a coffee theme so i loved the idea  of how dark being the different types of coffees. I was curious about the no burn hp espresso bed so they offered a free upgrade to try it out and it was awesome it only exposes  you to a specific type of uv allowing you to darken without worry of burning.  Its a great little tanning place for anyone who likes little wholesome places.      They have alot of charity donations so try your luck at the 2$ vending after your tan and leave feeling good and looking great knowing regardless what you get you supported  a good cause. 

Ella D

Again and again I am blown away by the customer service at JAVA tanning studio. I usually tan on the Cioccolata but when that bed was in use during a walk in I tried out the Espresso HP and WOW what a drastic change in colour in only one appointment! I was amazed with how dark I got and absolutely no burn!