Ongoing Promotions

Tour The Salon Club

Tour the Salon Club

Join our "Tour The Salon Club" 

No commitments, no EFT, simply purchase your "Tour The Salon Club Membership" then enjoy 1/2 price single sessions in ANY tanning unit daily for 30 days from the date you purchase the Tour The Salon Club Membership!

Are you also a V.I.P. Member:  Then enjoy your already V.I.P. Discounted Single Session Prices at 1/2 Price with this Tour The Salon Club Membership Also!!

Conditions apply:  one single session purchase per day, 1/2 price tans are available ONLY to Tour The Salon Club Member

This offer is NOT VALID with our Stamp Card Promotion.

Current Promotions


Tanning promotions run from the 1st to the 15th of every month...if this is after the 15th of the month, please check back soon...

  • 30 Day Unlimited Tanning $89.99 (excludes Espresso HP)
  • Buy any bottle of lotion, get 1 Free tan (value up to $14.50)
  • All tanning packages 15% OFF
  • Now is the time to get your services done to see maximum results by Christmas!   Our RF and Ultra-Lipo Cavitation  Body Contouring Packages are: 25% OFF!  Hurry in to book your spot today!   Visit our Body Contouring Services Page for more information or drop in to the salon for a personal consultation.

PLEASE NOTE:  Every body is different and everyone has different results expectations.  Therefore, without actually seeing what we will be working with, we are not able to provide consultation or pricing over the phone!

(promotional offers can NOT be combined)

Annual V.I.P. Membership


 VIP Membership $51.99

A VIP Membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase and entitles you to EXCEPTIONAL discounts on single Sessions,  tanning packages, 30 day unlimited packages, lotions, option to leave your bottle of lotion at the salon (no frozen or overheated lotion bottles) and,  get a free tan on your birthday!

Be Vacation Ready

Tan ready?   Best tan ever!

Going to a tropical locale?  Don't go there looking like a snowbird!  Come to JAVA Tanning beforehand and let our Smart Tan Certified Staff help you look like a local!

Spray tan...NO!!!!  We have the FIRST and ONLY High Pressure NO BURN unit in Canada!  You get a 10 minute session that will give you color on your very first full session (you get a full 10 minute session with absolutely NO CHANCE of BURNING!). 

Check out our Equipment Lineup page for details & pricing.

Referral Program


Refer a friend (that has not tanned here before)...once your friend has purchased a tanning package, we will "Thank You for the referral" by adding one FREE tan in your account!

Stamp Card Promotion


We get it... not everyone wants to commit to a tanning package;  so... when you purchase a Regular Priced Walk-In Single Session Tan, you will receive a stamp card with a stamp on it for that session (in that bed/booth)  

Present the card to us every time you buy a Regularly Priced Single Session in that bed/booth to receive a stamp. 

When you have 10 stamps, you get 1 FREE TAN in that bed/booth.  (Not valid on "Tour The Salon Club" membership 1/2 price tans!)

Ask staff for details