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Buy any 5 pack tanning package, get the 2nd (of lesser or equal value) HALF PRICE!

15% Off any Body Sculpting Package 

(promotional offers can NOT be combined)

First Responders

First Responders

For all you do to keep our community safe...we at JAVA Tanning Studio would like to show our sincere appreciation by offering you 

50% OFF any tanning session or package

Just show us your credentials when you are purchasing your session /package and we will set up your account to show you as a VIP Member.


Tour The Salon Club

Tour the Salon Club

Join our "Tour The Salon Club" 

No commitments, no EFT, simply purchase your "Tour The Salon Club Membership" then enjoy 1/2 price single sessions in ANY tanning unit daily for 30 days from the date you purchase the Tour The Salon Club Membership!

Are you also a V.I.P. Member:  Then enjoy your already V.I.P. Discounted Single Session Prices at 1/2 Price with this Tour The Salon Club Membership Also!!

Conditions apply:  one single session purchase per day, 1/2 price tans are available ONLY to Tour The Salon Club Member

This offer is NOT VALID with our Stamp Card Promotion.

Body Contouring /Skin Tightening


Body Contouring, Skin Tightening, Full Face Lift, Brow Lift, Eye Lift...get rid of your double chin or mummy tummy!   

No Downtime, No Injections, No Pain - Simply....RESULTS! 

Everyone has some part of their body that needs an extra helping hand.  No matter how much diet or working out...can't seem to firm some of those parts...RF Skin Tightening /Ultra-Lipo Cavitation can help.  

Check out more details by clicking the find out more button below or call the salon to book your free no-obligation assessment.

See our current promotions section for this month's Body Contouring Promotions

Be Vacation Ready

Tan ready?   Best tan ever!

Going to a tropical locale?  Don't go there looking like a snowbird!  Come to JAVA Tanning beforehand and let our Smart Tan Certified Staff help you look like a local!

Spray tan...NO!!!!  We have the FIRST and ONLY High Pressure NO BURN unit in Canada!  You get a 10 minute session that will give you color on your very first full session (you get a full 10 minute session with absolutely NO CHANCE of BURNING!).  Go from zero to TAN in 5 sessions or less!

Check out our Equipment Lineup page for details  on this no-burn unit or any of our lay-down or stand up tanning equipment