Equipment Lineup



The Cappuccino bed is our entry level to mid-range lay-down sunbed.  The base acrylic is slightly higher off the ground than regular tanning beds making it easier  to get in and out of.  This acrylic has less of a concave surface giving you a much larger surface to lay on.  This ultimately is a much more comfortable bed than conventional tanning beds out there.  The tanning tunnel is so much bigger - you can actually bend your knees without hitting the top!  This sunbed is also equipped with music for your tanning comfort.  The maximum exposure in this bed is 12 minutes (that is of course...depending on your skin type and base tan).



The Cioccolata (lay-down sunbed) has a generous tanning tunnel and contoured, extra-wide base acrylic which means NO MORE DREADED WHITE SPOTS!  The base is ergonomically designed to position the tanner in a way that the pressure points are eased and...the legs are in the best position to get tanned (something most ladies have trouble getting dark).  Vents to the head and body can be adjusted to your comfort level.  It is equipped with a 3D sound system and MP3 dock for your tanning pleasure.  The voice guide (which we lovingly name "Chico our cabana boy") walks you through every step of the way.  This TURBO POWER unit has 4 facial lamps that actually can be dimmed instead of shutting them off during your session.  A 12 minute maximum exposure time (based on your skin type and base tan).



The Envy of all stand-up sun booths!  Our Mokka is generously equipped with 200 Watt TURBO UVA/UVB bulb that are 2 meters tall to ensure total body coverage for our tallest tanners.  A 3D sound system with MP3 player connection is included for your tanning pleasure.  This unit boasts an open concept design which caters to the most claustrophobic clients.  Maximum exposure time is 9 minutes (depending on your skin type and base tan). 

Espresso HP


Want to go from zero to tan in less than 5 sessions...with a guarantee NO BURN! Even the whitest GINGER can get color from this unit!!!

At JAVA Tanning Studio - we don't believe in spraying someone's skin with harsh chemicals that are used in spray tanning equipment.  This is why we will NEVER offer SPRAY TANNING equipment in our salon!  Why would you want to spray "foundation" all over your body and think you have a natural looking tan?  This chemical comes off on your clothing, in a hot-tub and in the saltwater so all that money to "Look Tanned" has just been washed away!

We believe that everyone should be able to get their color naturally!  This innovative NEW TECHNOLOGY Stand-up unit will give you immediate color and, get you fully tanned in less than 5 tanning sessions!  You do the FULL 10 MINUTE SESSION the very FIRST TIME you come in regardless of your skin type!  There is absolutely NO UV-B in this unit therefore you simply can NOT burn!

This is the ultimate in color boosting technology!  While low pressure beds are the most common, your tan will develop quicker if you use a high pressure tanning bed.  This high pressure tanning equipment filters out virtually all of the UVB, leaving only the UVA light to tan you.  Filtering out the UVB allows you to tan with a significantly reduced risk of overexposure.  See our FAQ pages for more detail on High Pressure Tanning.

Do you have an event coming up but short on time to build a tan in a regular tanning unit?  This is THE ULTIMATE option!!!