Happiness is getting into your favorite sunbed/booth!  We are more than happy to book an appointment for you.  

For clients wanting to book an appointment for Ultra-lipo or RF Skin Tightening, please refer to the appointment policy on that page

Want to book an appointment?  

You must:

1) be in our salon software system (the salon is run on a software program therefore, if you are new to our salon, we can not book an appointment for you - see the "new clients" section on this page

2) clients must have an active tanning package in order for the software to book the appointment

If you are scheduled for an appointment, we ask that you please arrive a few minutes early.  We will NOT HOLD a room for more than 5 min past the scheduled appointment time!  If you are late for your appointment, you may be asked to wait if the room has been given to a "walk-in" and, you risk the chance that you may have to re-book for another day/time in the event that the room is booked after the session is ended Or you may be offered a different room to use instead. 

If you have booked an appointment and do not show up or call IN ADVANCE of your appointment time, the system will automatically deduct a session from your package.  We work our salon as appointment and walk-ins are always welcome therefore, we work on a three strikes policy...3x no show/no call will result in no longer being allowed to book your appointments (you will have to chance it as a walk-in). 

Call the salon to book your appointment

New Client Appointment


As you can see on this site, we offer quite a few different types and levels of tanning equipment - We are more than happy to welcome new clients to our salon however, without being registered in our salon software and, with no active tanning packages, we are unable to book an appointment for you. 

Please drop by the salon at: 71 Charing Cross Street, Brantford (corner of North Park and Charing Cross St in the same plaza as Dominos Pizza).  We will be happy to give you a proper tour, answer any questions and help you select the right bed/booth to meet your tanning goals.

Cancellation Policy


A minimum of 24 hours notice is required when cancelling your appointment.  This gives us time to fill the spots.  

Anyone arriving more than 5 minutes late without first talking to a member of our staff will be considered a no-show and will result in a charge as detailed below:  

Cancellation of your scheduled appointment with a minimum of 24 HOURS NOTICE = no fee charge

Any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice:  1 Full Session will be deducted from your account for the missed appointment - if this was to be an upgrade - you will be paying the full price of the upgraded bed that was cancelled.  If you have an unlimited package, the price of a full session will be charged to your account and must be paid in full before being allowed to tan again).

No Show: 1 Session Deducted  Our software program will automatically deduct from your account as per the cancellation policy above.  (For those with an Unlimited Monthly or Weekly Package, your account will be charged a full session amount for every missed appointment - which will be due immediately before being allowed to tan.

If you CONSISTENTLY cancel last minute or do not show for more than 3 appointments you will no longer be given appointment times and will be treated as a "walk-in" customer.

Unavoidable circumstances may warrant special consideration, but please note that the above charges will apply!